Ridiculously Fast Super Car (WORKS WITH PATCH!!)

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    Works with patch in my game, I have not tested it on other computers.

    This mod takes the car with the highest top speed in JC3 and makes it way faster. The max speed is 563 kph with nitro. The car is also brilliant at driving up hills due to the torque and grip. The water performance is less than stellar but i will be working on it in V 1.3!

    The following things have been Improved:

    • Top speed
    • Torque
    • Acceleration
    • Steering
    • Grip
    • Nitro
    • Drag Reduction
    • Buoyancy

    If anyone knows how to add invincibility please comment below.

    *First mod

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    1.0 - Better Top speed, Torque, Acceleration, Steering, Grip, Nitro

    1.1 - Reduced drag, increasing top speed by 100 KPH

    1.2 - Added even more torque, increased mass by 100, and it now floats!

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