Rebel Rico Wingsuit

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    Retextures the Bavarium Wingsuit to match A More Rebel Rico skin. The author claims it "matches" but it doesn't :p

    *requires Sky Fortress DLC

    The default wingsuit retexture doesn't work properly for some reason, and I can't figure it out, so it's not included (it's only visible during particular camera and player positions; I'm guessing it's a shader/renderer or texture clipping issue... there seem to be multiple different instances of the default wingsuit textures in the game's files, and I've tried replacing two different ones; if it decides to work I will upload it with this.)


  • speaker_notes Installation

    Copy __UNKNOWN folder into 'dropzone_sky_fortress' If this doesn't exist, create it (without ' ')

    Repack DLC using neam's DLC packer

    If using Steam, make sure JC3->Properties->Set Launch Options contains the following line verbatim:

    --vfs-fs dropzone --vfs-archive patch_win64 --vfs-archive archives_win64 --vfs-fs.

    Game will run and mod will work if the mod and DLC is correctly installed

    Mod to match: A More Rebel Rico

  • event_note Changelog


    Release textures


    Made wingsuit black, instead of light grey

    Made wingsuit darker, to match the darker tones of the outfit

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