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  • description Description

    This mod only for multiplayer!

    This simple plugin adds on your server the weather, which changes automatically.

    You shouldn't anymore to use /weather command. This plugin will change the weather from time to time.

    Each weather has the chance of emergence. For example, snow always has chance 2%. It means that it's very rare.

    Note: chances change in depending of time. For example, at night fog is more probable than rain. At day rain is more probable than fog. The thunderstorm is also possible

    You can set up speed of changing day. By default one in-game minute = three real seconds. Also time is displayed in the left from bottom.

    // ToDo: synchronization with real time. Time locker.

    Attention! It's recommended to disable time changing in default freeroam package (if you've installed it)

    Go to /packages/freeroam/gm/ and open file timeManager.js.

    On 11thline you should find next line:

    setInterval(this.syncTime, 1875, this);

    Just remove this code or comment it (Add // (two slashes) before this code)

    //setInterval(this.syncTime, 1875, this);

    [ Github ]

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Drop "RandomEnvironment" folder to "packages" which is in root of your server.

  • event_note Changelog

    1.2.3 (27.08.2017)

    Small bug-fix

    1.2.2 (27.08.2017)

    Added new events:

    RandomEnvironment_SetTimeEnabled(true/false) - enable/disable auto update for player (time will go, but won't be updated for players)

    RandomEnvironment_SetWeatherEnabled(true/false) - enable/disable auto update weather ONLY FOR PLAYER, not for server.



    RandomEnvironment_HideTime - hide time for players

    RandomEnvironment_ShowTime - show time for players if it's hidden

    Also bug-fix

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