Peace and Chaos (Factions Mod)

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    Inspired by the Panau Peace Mod for Just Cause 2, this brings the same (and more) to Just Cause 3.

    This Mod changes how each faction reacts to each other either bringing peace, or absolute chaos to Medici. There are 7 factions in the game. Soldiers, Police and Blackhand for Di Ravello. Rico, Rebels, Pirates and Citizens for Medici. There are several options each in their own folders:

    Chaos: ALL Factions fight with each other. Di Ravello has had enough. Complete Anarchy and a true Revolution. This includes the execution of citizens too because why not? For those who need their daily dose of mass genocide.

    Chaos Without Civilians: Same as above but without the Mass Murder of the Citizens of Medici.

    Ignore Rico: Like Normal Just Cause 3, but no one pays attention to Rico anymore.

    Peaceful Medici: Inspired by "Peaceful Coexistence" Mod in JC2. All factions are at peace with each other. Feel free to explore (or destroy) Medici without any resistance.

    Rico The Traitor: Faction Swap. The Rebels now despise you for seeing the Light in Di Ravello's Militia. The Militia now back you up instead.

    Rico Vs Medici: Di Ravello hates you, The rebels hate you, Medici hates you...everyone hates you. Bring enough bullets...

    The above comes close to most possible combinations that people will ask for. Pick the folder of choice and drag the "dropzone" folder into the JC3 Directory.


    -There appears to be a bug with militia drivers in the "Rico The Traitor" Option. The soldiers and police will not attack you, but if reinforcements are called in, the drivers arriving will. The other soldiers/police won't attack...just the drivers. This includes the motorcycle cop. I don't know why but it may be a script attached to that certain event? Just killing the drivers when they shoot at you should fix it. Helicopters are not included.

    -Rebels will not attack on site. You have to aggravate them first. Simply firing your gun should do it. Applies only to options where rebels attack you.

    -You can gain a heat level by standing in restriced zones (Combat Zones not included.). This is scripted after spending a certain amount of time inside one. Soldiers wont attack but you will still gain a heat level. ONly applies to options where D.R.M is your ally.

    I have included the original factions.xml file inside the "Source File" Directory for those who wish to make their own changes as well as a text file containing the faction ID's.


    79A4EBAA=Soldiers BB355532=Police E90CB4BB=Blackhand 196258C7=rebels 06983997=Civilians

    Can't Determine which is which here:

    0532A3F8=rico or pirate? 17A198F9=rico or pirate?

    Find the faction string, then look for the specific ID right beneath that string. 1=Enemy, 0=Ally, -1=??? Civilians Only

    Convert .xml to .bin with Gibbeds Tools.

    Warning: Do not set the faction to be an enemy of itself. They will just melee the air then drop dead, as if suicidal.

    Incompatible with mode that change factions.bin

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Open Folder of your choice

    Drag "dropzone" folder to JC3 Directory.

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    1.0: Initial Release

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