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    This mod will disable the HUD. It does this by replacing the textures used with blank, empty ones.

    The main game also offers an option to disable the HUD, but that won't turn off the mission markers. This mod will disable those as well.



    Known issues

    • The save-icon will still appear (I couldn't find its location, this might be fixed in a future version)


    For modders

    • I've written up a quick tutorial on how to open GFX files on the forum. You can find it here.


    Extra information

    • To create the mod I've had to edit a "*.gfx" file, namely "hud.gfx". If anyone's interested in how to edit those types of files, just ask and I'll explain.
  • speaker_notesInstallation

    To install:

    1. Open the downloaded archive
    2. Extract the dropzone folder inside as a whole to your Just Cause 3 installation directory. The resulting setup should look like this: C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Just Cause 3/dropzone
    3. You'll also need to enable the dropzone folder by launching the game with some parameters. To do that:
      1. Open Steam
      2. Right click Just Cause 3 and go to "Properties"
      3. Click "Set launch options"
      4. Paste in this text: --vfs-fs dropzone --vfs-archive patch_win64 --vfs-archive archives_win64 --vfs-fs
      5. Click "OK" and then "Close"

    To uninstall:

    1. Remove these files:
      1. {justcause3directory}/dropzone/ui/hud.gfx
      2. {justcause3directory}/dropzone/ui/
      3. {justcause3directory}/dropzone/ui/
      4. {justcause3directory}/dropzone/ui/
      5. {justcause3directory}/dropzone/ui/
      6. {justcause3directory}/dropzone/ui/
      7. {justcause3directory}/dropzone/ui/
      8. {justcause3directory}/dropzone/ui/
      9. {justcause3directory}/dropzone/ui/
      10. {justcause3directory}/dropzone/ui/
      11. {justcause3directory}/dropzone/ui/
      12. {justcause3directory}/dropzone/ui/
      13. {justcause3directory}/dropzone/ui/
      14. {justcause3directory}/dropzone/ui/
      15. {justcause3directory}/dropzone/ui/

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