Mod Collection : (Everything unlocked + unlimited ammo, beacons, life + endless parachute + skin for Rico + rebel drop + skipped Intro + parachute upgrade)

  • description Description

    Here is a collection of all mods you absolutely need in just Cause.


    Including Mods:

    - 100% Game play with all Gears and cars in rebell drop unlocked (including all DLCs)

    - Longer + Faster Grapling Hook

    - Endless Beacons (for Rebell drop)

    - unlimited ammo

    - more Rebel Rico

    - Supercar (Verdeleon 3)

    - skiped Intro

    - get EVERYTHING with rebel drop (everthing basic + things like the pogostick or fights)

    - endless parachute

    - Unlimited health (just works until you fast travel once)


    Install Instructions and Links to the original mods are in the Read me file.


    Im not really playing JC3 anymore so I don't officially support this Mod anymore. Maybe there are some nice guys in the commentsection who answer your questions.


  • speaker_notes Installation

    Just unzip the file and open the "Read me.txt" file.

    All following steps are mentioned there.


  • event_note Changelog
    • 1.8

    - added gear mods for DLCs (big thanks to Oguzhan Okur for testing)


    • 1.7


    - changed the skin from Batman to a more Rebel Rico

    - removed all Batman files


    • 1.6

    - fixed the "unlimited health bug"


    • 1.5

    - added super car mod (turns the Verdeleon 3 -found at sportscars- into an indestructable, swimming & very fast car)


    • 1.4

    - changed skin from Black/White and Adidas Parachute to Batman Version

    - added endless parachute (superman mod)

    - turned Mugello Vistosa -found at sportscars- into very fast badmobile


    • 1.3

    - now you can get more than everything from rebel drop (e.g. the pogo stick or fights or animys cars and so on)

    - file size again way decreased


    • 1.2

    - skipped Intro Mod added


    • 1.1

    - game crash : fixed

    - way smaller file

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