Medici Police Mod

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    /! STRONGLY RECOMMENDED /! That you play this with thewibi77's "extreme heat mod":

    DISCLAIMER: Idea for unarmed helicopters stolen from GregSleg's "Medici News" mod.

    Description: - Adds a clean textured police car and replaces most of the low-tier DRM and army vehicles. - Changes the DRM soldiers and army motorcyclists into police captains, and changes most of the normal unarmoured soldiers into policemen with revolvers. - Replaces armoured helicopters with unarmed news helicopters.

    To Do: - Give the police officers hats, if possible. - Retexture the helicopters. - Add a variety of police cars, possibly based on the vintage cars, if possible.

    I do digital paintings and drawings often inspired by Just Cause 3, visit me on

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Put all the folders in your Just Cause 3 dropzone folder. You know the drill. Do not change the folder structure (i.e. by taking the folders out and putting them somewhere else) otherwise the mod will not work.

  • event_note Changelog

    - 0.2

    -- Added bike riders, female police officers, and bikes

    -- Texture tweaks

    -- Weapon tweaks

    - 0.3

    -- Added more police types

    -- Added police jeep

    -- Vehicle spawn tweaks

    -- Texture tweaks

    -- Weapon tweaks

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