Medici Genocide (Chapters)

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    Di Ravello's last wish was to exterminate the entire population of Medici. Now that the rebellion is being crushed, Di Ravello's forces massacre the innocent of Medici. You, the player, are the only hope these poor lives have. From time to time, you may even find some soldiers turning against General Di Ravello, although the Rebellion is more a lost cause now, then it has ever been.


    Chapter 1, Start of the Genocide:

    The Rebellion has refused to let the civilians in, due to spies and agents of Di Ravello, now there is fighting between the citizens of Medici and the Rebellion.

    • Feuds and conflict in the streets.
    • Di Ravello's forces kill citizens
    • Little bit Stronger Heat
    • Rebels still Present


    Chapter 2, Post Rebellion:

    The Rebellion has been crushed, Di Ravello's forces march through Medici without resistance.

    • Di Ravello's forces kill citizens
    • Larger number of Di Ravello's forces in the streets
    • No More all out Rebellion
    • Stronger Heat
    • New form of Rebels


    Chapter 3, A New World:

    The Genocide is practically over, all surviving citizens now are forced to work for Di Ravello. They are allowed to live at their homes, although they have to wear prison uniforms and shave their heads.

    • Di Ravello's forces no longer slaughter the Innocents
    • Strongest Heat
    • Citizens are all prisoners


    Chapter 4, End of Medici

    A small rebellion started back up and was immediately crushed, now, Di Ravello's forces are finishing their work, starting by taking the cars away from the people so they cant escape.

    • Di Ravello's forces kill citizens
    • Strong Heat
    • Citizens are all prisoners
    • No more cars on the Road
    • Utter slaughter


    (Di Ravello's Forces do not shoot the player unless provoked)

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Extract the Settings file from any of the 4 chapters into the "dropzone" folder in the game directory.

  • event_note Changelog

    2.00 (Chapters update)

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