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    Since hour 1 with JC3, most of us can agree that it is too posh; too easy, and that Rico is the ultimate bullet sponge. All he needs is a few seconds of cover to regain all of his lost health, even if he's near death. Not to mention the fact that his health is seemingly endless, and that all of Di Ravello's militia are using paintball guns. So, I've started this mod project to try and combat this ease with a little more risk.

    As of version 1, I've simply started off my modifying some bullet damage and Rico's starting health. Now I know this isn't the proper way to up the difficulty, but while I'm looking and pouring through the archives, it should serve for the time being. Also, I've started to tweak with some of the heat levels and how they operate, trying to bring more real-feeling reinforcements and ambient action to each level and the world around while Rico is slinging bullets with the 5-0.

    Feel free to send me comments and suggestions through PM or comment on this post.

    Always remember to use the wingsuit auto close, or else you might wind up dead!

  • speaker_notes Installation

    All you need to do to install this mod is simply extract the files from the archive, and place the "editor" and "settings" folder into your dropzone.

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