Just Cause 3 v1.0-v1.05 Plus 15 Trainer-FLiNG

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    This trainer was NOT made by me, all credit goes to the unknown person (for me atleast) who created it and my intent on publishing it on here was for the sole purpose of it being archived here.

    I found the trainer on this website:




    This trainer is works in 1.05

    Note: In order for you to activate the trainers, you use the numpad, and NOT the F-keys.

    Tested myself and it works, the Home button to disable all mods however did not seem to work, but it was not required, remember to start the trainer first then the game.

    If you have trouble finding out how to switch the music off, it automatically switches off when you enter the game and also there is a button on the bottom right of the trainer window that has an itunes looking logo, just press that.

    (The music is wayyy better that the previous trainers that I have used.)

  • speaker_notes Installation

    When you download from the site the download button takes you to and SmartScreen removes the mod, then try it 1 more time and if it still does not work go to this site:


    and try another site mirror at the bottom of the page (there are 4 mirrors)

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