Insane Tether and/or Grappling

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  • description Description

    I increased the impulse of the tether by a lot.(the ability to lift heavy stuff and withstand force).  I also made their durability about 100x stronger so they wont snap.  I also added the 10k grapple mod but tweaked it so that the grapple fires and comes back quicker.  This also has the more tethers mod.


    In the future i plan to:

    add an option to make tether retract SUPER FAST

    make a super grapple kick

    a version for the just cause 2 grapple model

    make other mods involving the grapple hook which you can choose to find a suitable combination

    write a better, more gramatically correct, and less lazy description for this mod


    Pro tip: place both ends of your tether on a single car and retract while it is still moving.  Just trust me.


    Please leave ANY suggestion on how to make this mod better in the comments below or PM me


  • speaker_notes Installation

    put editor of your choice in the dropzone you folder which you have to place in your Just Cause 3 directory if you dont already have one.

  • event_note Changelog

    1.1 Increased pull power from tethers, slightly faster tether retract, faster grapple return, faster grappling

    1.2 Added option to only have strong tethers without the 10k range

    1.3 Added option for 2x range

    1.4 Added option for 1k range

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