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    This plugin adds height indicator on your server. Now, flying on plane or helicopter, you can easily look at the height.

    The plugin shows height above sea level in meters. The indicator automatically turns on if to get into helicopter or plane. However, you can turn on it even during walking, having pressed the Insert button. It is also possible to choose colors of the indicator. White and black. How it switches:

    First pressing Insert: black color

    Second: white

    3rd: off

    4th: black

    5th: white

    6th: off

    and so on.

    The plugin saves the chosen color after you exited air transport. After an entering or after pressing Insert the indicator will turn on with a color chosen by you.

    [ Github ]

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Drop "HeightIndicator" folder to "packages" which in root of your server.

  • event_note Changelog

    1.1.1 (12.08.2017)

    * Fixed bug: If one player opens a wingsuit, the indicator turns on for all players

    1.1.0 (22.07.2017)

    * Added wingsuit support (The indicator turns on automatically if to open/close wingsuit)

    1.0.2 (21.07.2017)

    * Nothing has changed! almost... Don't worry about anything!

    1.0.1 (21.07.2017)

    * Super secret update

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