FINDarkside’s Mod Combiner

  • description Description

    Do you want to use two colliding mods at the same time? This tool easily combines given mods and places them in the dropzone. Just drag and drop your mods to the combiner and click combine. The combiner is meant to combine files that override the same file. If the file names are different they don't need to be combined.



    Hey FINDarkside, if you out there, and you want me to take down your mod, just send me a PM and I'll pull it down immediately


    This Mod Combiner only works on files from the "archives_win64" folder, for those who know what that means

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Extract the zip folder anywhere and run "Just Cause 3 Mod Combiner.exe "

  • event_note Changelog

    Revision 5

    • Rewrote xml combiner
    • Support for multiple original files
    • Fixed bunch of bugs
    • Bunch of small improvements
    • Program now writes stacktrace to crash.txt on crash



    • Added files which allow the Mod Combiner to work once again
    • Updated the tools included with the Mod Combiner
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