eDEN Airship drone room loaded in freeroam

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    This mod will enable the drone production room from one of the Sky Fortress missions.

    Furthermore it will also remove the hatches at the bottom of the Airship that normally block access to the room with then eDEN screen in it as well as the doors down that room's stairs which block access to the drone room so you will actually be able to enter it.


    For this to actually load, you need to have the skyfortress activated. If you're on multiplayer, use this mod to activate it:


    as it is disabled in multiplayer

    If you´re using this in singleplayer, leave out the sky fortress model file as the room is already loaded


    If you plan on making a video review on this mod, please be sure to give proper credit, that is linking this page, or atleast the mod website so that viewers do actually know where to download this mod from and so we get feedback on our work


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  • speaker_notes Installation

    Simply put the "dropzone_sky_fortress" into the Just Cause 3 directory (not mp!!!!) and run DLCPacker.exe


    >>> to uninstall this mod, remove the "dlc" folder and run "DLCPacker.exe" again

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