Double Minigun, Double Fun

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    UPDATED 14/04/2016: A bit more stable, and a lot more damages. PLANNING TO UPDATE ? READ THE INSTALLATION.


    You know what's better than one minigun ? Two miniguns.

    You know what's better than one minigun that you can't bring everywhere ? Two miniguns that you can bring everywhere.




    Oh, and no, a minigun doesn't weight that much.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    INSTALL: Extract the archive in your dropzone folder.


    • you have to remove the old mod. To do that, remove the following folder (in dropzone): editor/entities/jc_weapons/4_mounted/w201_minigun
    • then, launch the game, trigger a save (in citate diravello, there's a tunnel on the motorway that will trigger a save if you go through it).
    • install the mod (see INSTALL)
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