Customisable Grapple!

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    THE SCREENSHOT IS OF FINDarkside's MOD COMBINER, I just didn't really know what to put as a screenshot...


    Customisable Grapple!

    Feel free to use this anywhere as long as you link back to the mod's webpage

    Want to customise your grapple, your way?

    Then this is the mod for you!


    Thanks to FINDarkside's Mod Combiner, you can now combine different mods. Using this idea, I have made some different presets for Rico's grapple. Drag each preset desired into the Mod Combiner and BAM! You got yourself a custom made grapple!

    Download FINDarkside's Mod Combiner here:

  • speaker_notes Installation




    1. After downloading this mod and extracting it, you must download FINDarkside's Mod Combiner from here:


    2. Once finished, run FINDarkside's Mod Combiner.

    3. Drag the .ee of each desired preset into the Mod Combiner

    4. Click combine!


    FINDarkside's Mod Combiner will automatically apply each setting and the resultant file will be automatically placed in your dropzone folder.

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    - Initial release

    • Basic options avialable


    *Coming soon!*


    • More options

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