Boss-base FOWs loaded in freeroam

  • descriptionDescription

    This mod will enable the three FOWs below the boss bases, namely

    • Cima Leon on Insule Fonte
    • Corda Dracon on Insula Dracon
    • Falco Maxime on Insula Striate


    All hatches and doors in- and outside were removed so they can be easily accessed

    If objects and colission inside are missing, be sure to approach the bases nearby which will load them in

    These are meant for use in Just Cause 3 Multiplayer and are untested in singleplayer


    If you plan on making a video review on this mod, please be sure to give proper credit, that is linking this page, or atleast the mod website so that viewers do actually know where to download this mod from and so we get feedback on our work


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  • speaker_notesInstallation

    To install this mod, you need to open up steam, then find Just Cause 3 Multiplayer in your list of games. Right-click it and click settings. Now click "Set launch options" and a new window will open up. Copy this:

    --vfs-fs dropzone --vfs-archive patch_win64 --vfs-archive archives_win64 --vfs-fs .

    and paste it in there, then click "Done" to save it.

    Now go to this filepath: Steam-folder> steamapps> common> Just Cause 3 (not mp!!)

    Now create a new folder called Dropzone and you are done with setting things up.


    Once you did that, put the locations and global folder into your dropzone and you're done

    >>>To remove all mods, simply remove the lauch options in steam

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