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    I bought the preordered version of Just Cause 3 so i got all of the DLC with the game, but I was a little disapointed because i realized that the final argument and capstone bloodhound weren't much better the the guns already in game, and the vehicles for some reason have their guns angled upwards making it impossible to hit people unless they are directly in front of you.  This is why I decided to attempt to boost the effectiveness of the dlc in places that I noticed were sub-par without making them overpowered.


    The Final Argument currently to have 3x damage so it can one shot almost any vehicle it gets 9 shots in each clip instead of two, and the firing speed is doubled.

    The Capstone Bloodhound now has 6 shots in its "clip," and has increased damage.

    I may make a version with unlimited ammo if people want it.





    P.S. Thanks to Cholad for his modding tutorials on youtube.  They helped me out alot!


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    place editor file in dropzone

  • event_note Changelog

    1.0 Added Increased damage and ammunition for the capstone bloodhound.

    1.1 Increased fire rate for the final argument

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