Better Bavarium Wingsuit

  • description Description



    This mod gives you:

    • unlimited missiles
    • unlimited minigum
    • unlimited boost (not unlimited, but you have for something like one week of boost).
    • controllable boost, in game, via the gear mods menu (in your radio)
      • Select the "more boost" gear to get the fastest bavarium wingsuit
      • Unselect it to have the normal one
    • faster reload (if you ever come to exhaust the boost)

    Gear mods doesn't have any impact on the wingsuit anymore, you can deactivate everything and still have all of the benefits of this mod.


    There's even a __UNKNOWN/bav-wingsuit/README.xml file if you plan to further mod this.

  • speaker_notes Installation


    • Grab the latest version of the Sky Fortress Packer by neam and follow the installation step.
    • Extract the __UNKNOWN folder into the dropzone_sky_fortress folder that you've just created on the step above
    • Double click on SkyFortressPacker.exe

    There's no need to update the launch options.

  • event_note Changelog
    • 09/04/2016:
      • Further tune the bavarium wingsuit to have a fast and a normal speed
    •  06/04/2016:
      • Activate the boost gear to be faster
      • Deactivate it, you'll get a fast wingsuit, but not too much
    • Initial Release
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