Ashen Mod Installer

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    Ashen Mod installer, contains Ashen skins and the new train disarm mods. The in-game skins are loaded into both the single player and multiplayer.

    Download and extract files. Run AutoModInstall.exe. It can be run from anywhere on the computer. Make sure steam is running so the utility can automatically find the JC3 directory. The installer registers in Steam as 'Spacewar'. This installer is not associated with any cracked or pirated software. If you do not wish for Spacewar to be on your steam profile, make sure steam is closed. However you will be required to find you Just Cause 3 directory manually. There is no way I can change what Steam recognizes the installer as, without distributing the installer via Steam. Sadly this is not possible.

    Choose which mods you wish to install, then press the 'Install Selected Mods' button in the bottom right corner. Make sure to remove the launch options from steam.

    Only specific mods are available, as they are loaded into both the single player and the multiplayer, weapon mods have strange effects in MP so are not included in this utility.

    If you have any mods you wish to have included in this utility, feel free to get in contact with me, but they must not affect the multiplayer experience in any way. If you run into issues with this utility, the fastest way to get in touch with me will be on my discord server: I will also posting updates about this utility, my JC3MP server and next modding project I am working on.

    Thanks to Protato, Luke and Rick for making mods for this utility/allowing me to use their mods in this utility. Big thanks to Rick for writing the JC3 modding tools which I am using in this utility. Finally, thanks to Charley Tank for making an awesome showcase video.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Download and extract the file.

    It can be saved anywhere

    Make sure steam is running

    Run the AutoModInstall.exe

    Select the mods you want to install

    Press the install button

    Remove your launch options from steam to avoid conflicts.


  • event_note Changelog

    v1.08 - Updated the nuke grenades to the bavarium explosion. Fixed various mods not working properly.

    v1.07 - Added the nuke bomber. Showcase video:

    v1.06 - Added a nuke grenade mod and badass rico, with orange hair, tattoos, gold teeth and a nose ring.

    v1.05 - Fixed 'Train Disarm v2.0' and 'Rebel Drop v5.0' mods not installing properly.

    v1.04 - Release version.

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