Amphibious cars + driveable train

  • description Description

    This version of the mod contains 26 vehicles that are able to fully move and steer on water while keeping their orginal handling and stats, 3 mostly working vehicles as well as a driveable train, missile trailer and two flatbed trailers with the same water abilities!


    The mod will be updated in the future to add more vehicles to it, you can also suggest vehicles you would like to see added to this mod!

    (some vehicles act weird when modding them like this and cannot be included, these are: the rocket, f1-car, mugello raffinati vitesse, stria cucciola, kerner serpente r, stria infirmo s, stria carera g, stria carera standard, nashorn (it's actually just too heavy), stria gioco,modern bus (also too heavy), bikes and quads)


    !!! Please read the WHOLE page since it contains important information, if you ignore it, you will face game crashes or have no clue how to use this mod!!!


    This mod was only tested by Hugom2 and me since nobody else was ready to test it, so if you encounter any problems, please let me know!

    Special thanks to Protato and UnknownMiscreant for helping me with a few things and Hugom2 for testing!


    This might be my last mod before the release of Just Cause 4, if so, see you there for brand new mods, have fun with this one and happy waiting for jc4 :)


    >>Now, i don't know why i need to explicitly point this out, but for some reasons it's not common sense anymore to give credit to people, so:

    If you are going to make a video review of this mod, or any mod actually, be sure to link the mod ( or at least the mod page ( so viewers do actually know where to get this mod and mods in general. This helps us so we get more feedback on our work and probaply yourself too so half your comment section will not consist of "where to get this mod".

  • speaker_notes Installation

    To install mods at all, you need to open up steam, then find Just Cause 3 in your list of games. Right-click it and click settings. Now click "Set launch options" and a new window will open up. Copy this:

    --vfs-fs dropzone --vfs-archive patch_win64 --vfs-archive archives_win64 --vfs-fs .

    and paste it in there, then click "Done" to save it.

    Now go to this filepath: Steam-folder> steamapps> common> Just Cause 3

    Now create a new folder called Dropzone and you are done with setting things up.

    That´s it, now you can add all kinds of mods to your game!

    (Tutorial made by Protato)

    >>>To install this mod, extract the .7zip file, choose a vehicle and paste ALL the folders (editor, models and settings) into your dropzone folder. If you want to use another car, just do the exact same and replace the existing files.


    >>> After you used any of the trains, delete all files in the dropzones if you want to use a car, then copy in the car files

    >>>For this mod i used the Baltdjur tank and swapped pretty much everything onto it from other cars, so it handles, looks, sounds and behaves like the original, but is able to drive and steer on water. To get the water version, spawn the original car FIRST, THEN the Baltdjur tank.

    e.g. You chose the Verdeleon, rebeldrop the Verdeleon, then the Baltdjur tank. The Baltdjur tank will be an exact copy of the Verdeleon, but has the water abilities. If you do not spawn in the original vehicle first, your game will crash. If you somehow die or fasttravel, you will need to repeat this process.

    I also had to remove rebels and military since the rebel that normally spawns with this tank, crashes the game with this mod once spawned in.

    IF you chose the drivable train, missile trailer or flatbed trailers, you need to go near one of the trains that drive on the railroad before spawning in the Baltdjur tank.

    >If you want to know more details about why all this is needed, i'll include them in the txt file that comes with the mod! If you still have questions i didn't answer in there, feel free to ask it in the comments below!


    >>>To remove all mods, simply remove the lauch options in steam.


    Known issues:

    • The camera of the train and missile trailer sometimes does not load in which results in the camera being at the ground instead of behind the vehicle. This seems to be related to where the vehicle is spawned as i found it working near porto tridente, but not in montana.
    • Due to me removing some random encounters like the convoy, the game still tries to spawn an event when these would appear, but since they are no longer listed, the game puts another event there instead. This can result in a stranded boat appearing nowhere near water or a gate you have to open appear on a road (which is pretty interesting...)

  • event_note Changelog

    coming soon:

    enhancements for tuned vehicles, enhancements to broken-y vehicles


    version 6.0

    vehicles added:

    • DLCtestcar (Pink debug Mugello Vistosa - replaces regular Mugello Vistosa, so spawn it first)
    • Propaganda van (replaces Stria Switzo, so spawn it first)
    • Stria Joia Police (replaces regular Stria Joia, so spawn it first)
    • Stria Switzo ambulance (replaces regular Stria Switro, so spawn it first)


    version 5.3

    added vehicles:

    • Stadt Tresor (Armoured money transport)
    • Stria Obrero (Truck)
    • Stria Switzo (Van)
    • Driveable train flatbed pipe trailer (Get to the middle to get in)
    • Driveable train flatbed empty trailer (Get to the middle to get in)


    • [Broken] Stria Rustico (Old tractor - sometimes acts weird in water, but motsly fine)
    • [Broken] Urga Fura (Armoured military transport - Bounces off the ground when landing with some speed)
    • [Broken] Kerner Serpente (Modern musclecar - Looses traction on low speeds)


    • [Tuned | Experimental] Mugello Vistosa, Incendiario Monstertruck and Verdeleon 3 (They now have no jump- and nitrous cooldown, nitrous is (practically) unlimited, infinite health and are faster on water (wip))


    Other changes:

    • Added a folder for "tuned" versions of the water vehicles, the list will grow over time and the vehicles will get more stat boosts soon (thanks to InquisitivWizard for inspiring this idea!)
    • Added a folder for "broken" vehicles. These are not fully flawless like the "regular" ones, but are still usable on both land and water. They are also not fully finished yet but the models and physics are on point (as far as broken goes haha)
    • Replaced rebel urga fura with the military one as it crashed whenever it is spawned



    vehicles added:

    • Autostraad D90 (mercedes-like modern car)



    vehicles added:

    • Autostraad D700 (bmw-like modern car)
    • Stria Kavala (modern jeep)
    • '05 Charmant (modern limousine)



    vehicles added:

    • Windhund 4 (smart-like modern sportscar)
    • Weimaraner W3 (old jeep)
    • Stria Facocero Rebel (rebel pickup)
    • Driveable train missile trailer (because why not)

    other changes:

    • Misc additions to the train including damage smoke and lights



    Vehicles added:

    • Stria Joia (modern 4-seater)
    • Incendiario Monster Truck
    • Autostraad Reisender (truck engine)

    Other changes:

    • Removed some paragraphs of the Baltdjur's weapon that went unused anyway from the train's files



    Initial release

    Vehicles included:

    • Autostraad Weltbus (campervan)
    • Stria Ghepardo 3S (modern sportscar)
    • Stria Campania 115 (old bus)
    • Stria Toro (pickup)
    • Mugello Quipozza (old sportscar)
    • Urga Ogar V7 Rebel (offroad buggy)
    • Verdeleon (modern supercar)
    • '13 Vigueur (bentley-like modern car)
    • Mugello Vistosa (modern sportscar)
    • Driveable train
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