AI controlled Ptakojester spawn gun

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    Rico always wanted to have his own airline. After being tired of flying his own planes he decided to bomb... I mean liberate... the Di Ravello International Airlines HQ for fun and started his own airline. Now he can summon planes whenever he wants, and they are also have a permanent invisible bavarium shield making them invincible.


    For this mod you have to use the airstrike weapon (rebel drop - special - FOW). Just aim at a surface and the plane will spawn several hundred meters above the point. The weapon has unlimited range and ammo. I was not able to completely disable the airstrike yet, but the only thing left of it is a flare that the planes sometimes leave behind. This is not a projectile though and it can't explode or move either. The planes fly on the AI of the rebeldrop plane which means it only flies forwards and it dodges obstacles.

    The download button will redirect you to Drive, because I had problems with uploading the file directly.


    Also, while making this mod I made a mistake, and suddenly I ended up with a weapon that made random boats fall out of the sky... I decided to include this version in the files because it is actually quite fun, but keep in mind that it is unstable and it still drops missiles out of the air sometimes...


    This is my first mod to publish here. I hope I can update it a bit more by removing the flare that the planes sometimes leave behind and modding the laser to be faster. Please let me know what you think so far so I can improve things.

    I highly recommend this mod in combination with a grapple mod to travel from plane to plane or to destroy a base by tethering chaos items to planes.

  • speaker_notes Installation
    1. Press "download". This will take you to google drive. Then press download again.
    2. Choose the version you want.
    3. Drag the "editor" file into your dropzone folder.
    4. Overwrite the file when this is needed.
  • event_note Changelog

    1.01-1.05 Testing versions

    1.06 First release

    Upcoming Better laser - no flares left behind by cargo planes, fly height variations

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