100% Complete/Re-Oppressed Save + Sky Fortress

  • description Description

    This save file is the completed version of Just Cause 3, but with all settlements and bases re-oppressed. Features include:

    • All unhidden rebel drops unlocked
    • All gear mods unlocked including Sky Fortress DLC
    • All challenges unlocked
    • All bases/settlements re-oppressed

    There is no current ability to be able to re-oppress the sky fortress and associated places, therefore they are still under rebel control. This save requires the Sky Fortress DLC or it will start a new save. This is the only save that includes the DLC.

  • speaker_notes Installation
    • To install, go to C:Users/Personal/DocumentsSquare Enix/Just Cause 3/Saves
    • Find the save you want to overwrite and copy all files into that save. It will make you replace all the files accept it.
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