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    Please, can someone make this mod? I really like the GTA IV and V mods about it, and I want to play them, but I don`t like GTA and in the JC universe it will be so nice. đŸ˜€


    Ohh Bavarium Zombies…

    Something went wrong within the eDEN Corporation, a few scientists were exposed to the powdered Bavarium Nitrate they had been tinkering with, it filled their lungs and they began to behave strangely. They got a weird blue glow in their pupils just before something strange was about to happen. After a while they were sent off to an isolated island, to be studied more closely by eDEN. There they began to infest everything and infect everyone. Not to cure them, no, but instead, all this just so eDEN could continue to observe and study their strange behaviour. Once the eDEN-AI took control, things escalated, starting with political prisoners from DiRavello being sent to the island to get infected while eDEN-AI studied the mysterious behaviour of the infected people (and animals). Things didn’t progress as quickly as eDEN-AI wanted and so, they upped the stream of prisoners until it all got out of control.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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