What do you know about 4 of Vinadry's most popular drying platforms?

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    If you are knowledgeable about smart shelving or doing business in this area, it is impossible not to know the Vinadry drying rig. Vinadry “famous family” on the market is the most prestigious and quality rig brand. But you may not even know the information about the 4 most favorite Vinadry frames currently, they include the names respectively: Vinadry GP941 high-class drying rigs Vinadry GP941 is a new type of drying rig but has quickly entered the “blue eye” of consumers. It is popular with a somewhat different design, but with a rather bulky set of winches, but it does not give the user a sense of certainty. Cylindrical winches are decorated with many patterns on the surface quite nicely, beautifully. This new version continues to be improved by Vinadry to bring a new experience to consumers. Vinadry drying rig gp902 If Vinadry GP941 impresses with a strong design, Vinadry GP902 makes the sisters fall down and tilt because of being too big and too modern. The most remarkable part is the winch. The set of winches is shaped in the shape of a slender bell, the surface is “makeuped” with many beautiful 3D patterns. Compared to the ability to dry Vinadry gp941 and Vinadry GP902 are the same, they can expose the weight of 60kg and 80 pieces of clothes at the same time.

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