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    The U.S. Postal Service provides a suite of USPS Web Tools that customers may integrate into their own websites to validate or find mailing addresses, track and confirm mail delivery, calculate shipping rates, and create domestic or international shipping labels. The Track & Confirm APIs provide

    usps tracking mail


    estimated delivery information and the ability to track packages through the shipping process. It applies to packages shipped through the following services: Priority Mail, Express Mail, as well as Package Services (including Standard Post, Bound Printed Matter, Library Mail, Media Mail) that include Delivery Confirmation.The United States Postal service which is also known as a post office or US Mail or Postal service and is an individual intimacy which is available in the United States for providing Postal Services for the customers. Certified mail is one of the services which is provided by the United States Postal service in which the sender of the package receives proof of delivery. The postcard includes the date and time. The sender then knows the item has been received by the addressee. The USPS maintains a record of certified mail delivery, which the sender can track through the USPS website using a unique code.The USPS certified mail tracking number format of USPS certified mail will usually consist of Certified Mail 9407 3000 0000 0000 0000 00.The USPS certified mail works through a residential address if there is no one at home in order to take the delivery. Then the USPS will leave you with a reminder slip in your mailbox. So by looking at the sleep, the receiver will get an idea that your mail has been left at the USPS office. The mail which is held at the nearest local post office the receiver will go to the nearest post office and pick the mail directly. The package will be provided to the individual only if they provide the signature when they pick up the mail or package.usps tracking forwarded
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