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    The latest update of the tools (05/06[June]/2016) comes with a new feature: a search tool. For some reason the search tool isn’t activated when you download the modding tools, so you’ll have to activate it first.

    This operation asks for a computer with at least 6Go of free memory (a computer with 7Go and windows does not have enough memory). It generate some files that takes 470Mo on your hard drive (that’s why those files aren’t shipped with the modding tools) and takes a bit less than 30minutes if JC3 is installed on a HDD, but you’ll have to perform this operation just one time.

    But first, what is the search tool and what does it do:

    • Instantly search for strings, values and hashes across all files (even files inside archives) of JC3 (only files whose type is handled by the modding tools are currently indexed).
    • Allow some filter operations on the file name, and multiple value search to further narrow the search
    • Gives a comprehensive summary on where the identifier, string, hash or value has been found
    • Does not insult you


    How to activate it/(re)create the index ?

    In the bin folder of the tools, go to projects/Just Cause 3, then rename 00_generated.namelist to

    Launch the GenerateNameList.exe executable that will recreate everything for you from the Just Cause 3 files. Bonus, it will at most write a total of 1Go on your hard drive. It just read things from the game.

    Wait something like 30 minutes and when the program exits (if it exits without errors) it’s all done !!!


    The search tool and its horrible syntax:

    The search tool itself is QueryHashList.exe and if you run it you will be prompted with


    There’s some help, but here is an example of command:


    The : mean that we want to print the full file list. Following it there’s a regexp between @ that will by used to filter the file list

    Then there’s the query part. Here, there’s 3 different condition (separated by &) that a file must meet in order to be accepted as a result:




    The # prefix mean that the condition is a string (it will search for the following string as well as for its hash).

    The + prefix mean that the condition is a decimal number (you can also use the – prefix if the number is a negative number)

    There’s no prefix if you want to search for a hash, you just input the hexadecimal value as-is.


    Multiple conditions are separated by &. Be careful, spaces aren’t allowed !!


    Other query examples:





    :@[email protected]#w141_rpg_uvk_13



    For some queries (like #w141) you can have some file result then the no result found text. This is almost a bug. The query is very probably an ADF string that isn’t referenced elsewhere. But you got the files, what else do you want ?

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