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    Just to put this somewhere, I am working on an updated version of the Rick Gibbed tools that will hopefully be merged as soon as he has some free time.

    This updated version solve some issues with the archive packer and allow an easier edition of the ADF-type files (just simply edit the XML file and that’s all). (this won’t work with all ADF files, but with at least 80-90% of them).


    And for the issue with the loading screen, I believe Avalanche have just fixed their loader. The way mods were created wasn’t the correct way (particularly for theย  .ee files and all packed files). I don’t deny the fact that they have shipped a “broken” loader, but the non-working mods is just a side effect. (if you’re programmer and want to know what was wrong: padding. It’s just at most three missing bytes that caused the problem).

    A simple Unpack/Pack with the updated version will fix this. (at least, it worked with the infinite beacon mod).


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    You could just post the updated version instead of waiting for Rick to merge ๐Ÿ˜›


    Glad to hear some work is being done investigating the issue, keep up the good work and consider posting without waiting for rick. The community needs this!


    ‘Cause there’s still things to do: the “ConvertProperty” is wrong (the first version of my beacon mod was using ConvertProperty, but that would make the game crash).

    I don’t think that’s a bad thing that update, as it brings a lot of fix on JC3. The only issue was with our tools that doesn’t produce the right thing. We can’t blame them because we made some mistake on the tools !.

    I know I probably am the only thinking this, but as a proof try this:

    in my bacon mod, there’s a file named “w302_bacon.epe“. Drop it on the ConvertProperty executable it will create an .xml file. Rename the .epe file into something else then drop the .xml file on ConvertProperty, it will re-create the .epe file. Right-click and check the size of your two .epe files. It’s not the same, but nothing has been done !

    But as I have some spare time, I will do this before releasing anything. (the code is muuuch shorter than the ADF serializer, so I hope doing this in one or three days).


    Don’t blame Avalanche for breaking our mods, our mods were broken. But blame Avalanche for releasing a game with soo many bugs.


    Well avalanche did delete the text files containing all filenames. The only reason why gibbedstools still work is that he had made a copy of those text files instead of trying to find them from the jc3 folder every time.


    If you look at some just cause 3 torrentsย  you can find the removed files !

    But there’s still another greater issue, that’s not sure that you can mod the DLC… I’ve tested many ways to create a mod of the rebel drop drone, but nothing happens, even if I use a corrupted file to make the game crash. I believe my paths are corrects (they’re taken from a config file from an unpacked arc file).

    But if the conventional way to add a mod doesn’t works, there’s another one: edit the arc files. They can’t forbid us to do so, but the installation process may be a little slower and complex. I’ll try to investigate on this.

    As the tools are now correctly working, I will release them tomorrow. (hey, that’s a great new !!)

    I will do my best to make sky_fortress modable. That’s really a fcking pain to not being able to spawn drones…


    Is it possible that, as the DLC is housed in a different folder, that it requires either a different folder to mod (As in, dropzone only allows mods that edit from archives_win64) or that mods that edit DLC files must have some sort of extra folder?


    If anyone has the text files feel free to share them. I have a pretty solid mod manager but everything fell apart when they took out the text files ๐Ÿ˜› My mod combiner needs those files too.
    How do you know the filenames of the dlc files?


    Hardwork and looking through every single unknown file. Unpacking them one after the other until you reach the end.

    Protato: yeah, that’s possible.


    That would be stupid. Even the gibbedstools have the filenames (A bit lacking though) there but it’s missing the paths. Sure I could write a script to get the paths but why waste my time if someone has the files. And obviously I don’t need all filenames, just the ones people are going to mod.

    Protato: Most likely we’ll need different launch options since the current ones only have archives_win64 and patch_win64.


    Stupid, but how productive ! I discovered that way how they patch the game. If you want to write a script, take a look to all the .toc files in the patch. There’s also some bin files with file lists. They way .tok files works may very probably be

    [path length: 4bytes][path][8bytes-of-whatever]. I’ve not investigated more on what the 8bytes would be. Hashes can be easily computed (Jenkins, lookup2)

    Also, I have a copy of the game files list, I will send them to you. (PM me your mail, I can’t attach the archive here). I got them from a torrent version of JC3. Depending on your torrent manager, you can select just some files and download them. (just to make things clear, I paid for this game).


    I’ve updated (again) the tools.

    They now allow texture export and import. You can open any .ddsc file with ConvertTexture, it will create a .xml (don’t touch it) and a .dds file. Edit the dds file with something that can edit it (to save you the trouble: paint.net ( ๐Ÿ™‚ ), gimp (with the dds plugin ๐Ÿ˜ ) or a legally downloaded photoshop (with the nvidia plugin. ๐Ÿ˜€ )).

    The Unpack can now guess more file types. Unknown files always are located in __UNKNOWN, but the subfolder changes depending on their type:

    • AAF: archives (like .ee files). Look here for vehicles, weapons, mission files, challenges, props, …
      • Unpack them with SmallUnpack
      • Pack them with SmallPack (it will create a .sarc file that you pack again with SmallPack).
    • ADF: some arbitrary data format (like item.onlinec, and some other configuration file).
      • ConvertAdf will do the job, if not, your hex editor and the offset-in-file=”the hexadecimal offset” attribute of the xml file)
    • RTPC: some property definition file. (physics, materials, …)
      • ConvertProperty
    • DDSC: Textures
      • ConvertTexture
    • DDS: Textures, but you can edit them directly
    • FSB5: Audio (a format that you should be able to open and edit with some existing tools that I don’t know)
    • RBM: models. No tools yet.
    • RIFF: Audio (a format that you should be able to open and edit with some existing tools that I don’t know). It’s some kind of wav format.
    • BINK: Video
    • BAN: Animation (skeletal animation ?). No tool now, and none planed
    • BTC: Bytecode. Maybe one day a tool will be created. But not now.


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    First of all, thanks for your amazing work you do for the modding community!

    I do, however, have a small problem with the new updated gibbed tools regarding the ConvertTexture. I downloaded your wingsuit skins mod and converted one of the .ddsc files, which worked, and I got a .dds file. I edited the .dds file with Paint.net and saved it (default settings). After I saved it I tried to convert it back with the ConvertTexture tool but as soon as I drag the .dds file to the ConvertTexture tool, a cmd window opens and closes within a second. Is this an issue on my side?


    @Rinse: drag the xml file ๐Ÿ˜‰

    BTW I’ve, again, updated the tools, adding some new cool utilities and fixed ConvertTexture:

    • Batch can perform batch conversion, smallUnpack, smallPack, … (it can convert any xml file in its binary format and vice versa)
      • Select all your ddsc file in a folder, drag this selection over the Batch executable to open that selection with Batch, wait and admire your newly create dds files
      • Select all the xml files created by the previous Batch run, do the same action (open with Batch), and that will refresh the ddsc files
    • RecurseBatchAndPack
      • It does a job alike Batch, but on directories: it search for any xml file in a directory, run the corresponding program and then create an archive out of this folder with SmallPack
    • SmallPack will no more create a .sarc archive, instead it will create a .aaf archive that you can then rename in whatever you want (probably a .ee file).
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