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    Jacob HindsJacob Hinds

    Hi, I’m jacob hinds, author of these mods for JC2:

    Thanks to gibbed’s tools I’ve been able to make a new clean texture for the dirty police car.

    police car

    It’s not completely finished; I’m not completely happy with the colours and composition and I want some more decal details to make it look more authentic. And as you can see, the windows and the “WHEEE OOOOOO” lights at the top still have the filthtexture of the original.

    On top of this I’ve also found and retextured some policeman models. The main model I want to use is missing a hat however, and it looks very much like there was supposed to be one, so I’d like to know if there are any other models I can take a nice police-looking hat from (assuming .rbm files can be cut and pasted like in JC2).

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    I don’t know for rbm files. The format seems to have quite changed since JC2, and there’s .trim (related to animation) and skeletons and some other things. You should try, that would light a shadowy part of JC3 ! 😉 But where to find your police hat ? (maybe a military beret with another texture, assuming I finish the rbm exporter soon enough).


    But hey ! that looks great !!

    Jacob HindsJacob Hinds

    Mod is up:

    Medici Police Mod

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