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    The first thing I tried while flying the big cargo plane was to strap a C4-mine on the edge of one wing to see what would happens. I was pretty dissapointed to find out that the plane explodes the second something breakes.

    Would it be possible to design a mod which changes the way planes explode/get damaged. As it is now, planes normally explode (and therefor kill the player) instantly when physically damaged (wing broken etc), except for sometimes when they are hit by a SAM-missile. (Then they plummit to the ground if damaged.)

    Can this be implemented as a feature for all planes? (like in vanilla GTA V)

    You clip a wing and the plane does not explode but rather tumble down? Maybe even with specific parts that lead to different outcomes. If the engine of a Jet is broken, it will explode, but if you shoot the cockpit it will fall down. You fly past a mountain and accidently clip a wing of the cargo plane, and rico can see the ground getting closer.

    (Im not a modder myself and dont know if this is realistic, but maybe it would be possible to adapt the behavior of the small Urga U17 Akrobats landing gear; the wheels and their support beams of this aircraft can be shot of and it doesnt do anything to the rest of the plane.)

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