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    This has bugged me since it was implemented: While flying with the bav wingsuit, the game automatically resets the direction you’re facing.

    With the normal Wingsuit, this only happens when you steer too much, so you can fly by exploding petrolstations etc and see the carnage as much as you want, or until you crash into the next lamppost.

    With the bavarium version this isnt that easy, since you have to move the camera nonstop to keep looking, or else, as i said, it will reset to facing forward.

    I get that this makes sense since it is equipped with a “crosshair”, but I would not mind if I had to reset it manually. Or maybe Someone can Use the Vehicle-mechanics, so you can reset it by pressing a button.

    And yes, I am playing with a controller, so it is much more annoying to have to constantly move the camera.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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