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    Hi  guys, I’ve found a way to mod weapons. This is a bit tricky so listen carefully.

    In the folder patch_win64, unpack game1. In game1_unpack, go to UNKNOWN then adf. Look for the files that weight between 20k and 10k, those are the tuning files. To know which one is which, open them with notepad++, look at the bottom line and you’ll find something like this: w141_rpg_uvk_13.wtune

    Add a ‘c’ at the end, and you’ve got its name (here w141_rpg_uvk_13.wtunec). That file is located directly in the weapon’s folder

    editor/entities/jc_weapon/02_two_handed/w141_rpg_uvk_13/w141_rpg_uvk_13.wtunec, right next the .ee files.

    Drop it on the ConvertAdf executable you’ll find in my now-released tools, it will created a .xml file (you can then rename the original .wtunec file to get a copy if you’ve done something wrong).

    Edit the XML file

    Drop the XML file on the ConvertAdf file again, it will recreate the wtunec file.

    Enjoy 🙂

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    Hey guys!

    I have converted and renamed all UNKNOWN .adf files to their respected weapon names.


    Download here:

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    If you would do the same thing with the .ee files of the sky fortress expansion (Forum Link of Neam’s modding tutorial) I would be forever grateful. Also I would try to make Rico able to rebel drop other drones and sky fortress stuff ^^.


    First thing, the Unpack executable will soon receive an update and will very soon sort files with their respective types (aaf (.ee files), adf, rtpc, audio, video, …).

    Second thing, you can always create somthing that extract all those files (I really miss bash for this on windows 🙁 ). Then you will just have to use “search” to find what you want. I will maybe create a tool that can batch the processing of multiple files and use the right executable.

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