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    1 – In the folder patch_win64, unpack game1. In game1_unpack, go to UNKNOWN then adf.
    2 – Look for the files that weight between 20k and 10k, those are the tuning files
    Go to this link:

    If you go to the link, you can download these files I have renamed to make everyones lives easier =)
    If you download them, skip to step 6

    3 – To know which file is which, open them with Notepad++.
    4 – Search for ‘BUT BE GENTLE’ and below it, you’ll find something like this: w141_rpg_uvk_13.wtune
    5 – Add a ‘c’ at the end, and you’ve got its name (e.g. w141_rpg_uvk_13.wtunec).
    6 – Exit the file, and copy the file AND THE WEAPON PATH to your dropzone folder
    e.g. ‘editor\entities\jc_weapons\02_two_handed\w141_rpg_uvk_13\w141_rpg_uvk_13.wtunec’
    If the weapon path is not in your dropzone, make them in your dropzone folder.
    The beginning of the weapon path is almost always ‘editor\entities\jc_weapons’

    6a – If you copied the file from the link, remove ‘.xml’ from the extension. Then drag it onto ‘ConvertAdf.exe’
    6b – If you found the file yourself, change its name to the name below ‘BUT BE GENTLE’, then drag it onto the ‘ConvertAdf.exe’

    7 – You should now have a file with the extension ‘.wtunec’. It should be named something like: w141_rpg_uvk_13.wtunec

    7a – If you do not have a file with the extension ‘.wtunec’, you may have chosen the wrong file from the UNKNOWN folder

    8 – You can edit this file with a hexadecimal editor, or if you don’t have one, drag it back onto ‘ConvertAdf.exe’
    9 – With the ‘.xml’ file generated (Sometimes requires refreashing the file explorer if using Windows), open it with Notepad++
    10 – Search for ‘BUT BE GENTLE’
    11 – Edit any values BELOW the ‘BUT BE GENTLE’ you just searched
    12 – Save the file
    NOTE: Exiting without saving does not always save! Always save manually!
    13 – Exit the file and drag it onto ‘ConvertAdf.exe’
    14 – Done! Just clear up any files that is NOT the ‘.wtunec’ file you just generated.
    NOTE: I always keep these leftover files as a backup somewhere else, just in case.

    14a – To check that it has worked WITHOUT launching the game, once again drag the ‘.wtunec’ file onto ‘ConvertAdf.exe’
    14b – Open the generated file with Notepad++ and check the values you edited

    15 – Launch the game and have fun!

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    where am i supposed to get ConvertAdf.exe?


    step 4- nowhere in these files does it say “but be gentle” it’s just parameter names and nul characters, the weapon name does NOT have a “.wtune” after it

    step 7- at no point do these tools give my anything with the extension “.wtunec” just “.xml” and “.adf”

    step 7a- there are no other files in the specified path related to the weapon I’m trying to edit (final argument sniper rifle)

    I have tried everything I know to do but nothing ever changes ingame.



    Which Game1 am i supposed to use? I tried both and only .tab worked. Tried doing Game1.arc from the Patch_Win64 but on both the Small Unpack and the Unpack it crashed because “one of the identified items as in an invalid format”






    .tab unpacks .arc, it is a file which only points to the corresponding .arc file


    I am currently trying to mod ammunition values but all i get is an empty mag and a dysfunctional firearm when loading the game.


    Works the same for aircraft too, even if i don’t attempt to edit ammo values.


    I’ve re-uploaded the files, try one more time?

    If it doesn’t work, I’ll have a look at the files personally and make sure each and every one is working

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    Hey man im having the same problem of it not being functional and i followed everything accordingly without problems until ingame. This site does not allow me to upload .wtunec files or .xml so ill change it to .rar and you can rename it

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    You seem to know what you’re doing, what values do I change in the .xml file for the weapon? I want to make an m488 with infinite ammo and your mod doesn’t work.


    @Protato what the fuck you motherfucking shit head , you explanations are fucking useless , please fucking explain properly since none in understanding nothing abotu what the fuck to do to mod the weapons god fucking damnit , fucking idiot


    I get a error while dragging the xml file in there
    something with misssing dependencies

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