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    Captain Obvious

    Is it possible to lower the required scores in the challenges? Some of them are insanely hard, especially on the northern island. I know sometimes you need better mods to get all 5 gears on some challenges, but you also have to complete challenges to unlock those mods, and some challenges are nearly impossible even with the mods.

    I understand they’re meant to be a challenge, but in a game where I can float above a base with a parachute and blow the whole thing up with a nuke gun and never touch the ground, I don’t really want to have to play the same challenge over and over because I’m just short of the 5 gear score.

    I was thinking maybe move the 4 gear score up to 5 gear, the 3 gear score up to 4 gear, and so on. And since 1 gear will be empty, set it so as long as you don’t get 0 points, you get 1 gear.

    For example, the current score requirements for Tank Frenzy II are: 5 gears – 45000, 4 gears – 30000, 3 gears – 20000, 2 gears – 10000, and 1 gear – 2500. With this mod, it would be: 5 gears – 30000, 4 gears – 20000, 3 gears – 10000, 2 gears – 2500, and 1 gear – 0 (I say zero because you have to do better than the target score to get that number of gears, as I saw when I got 1:15:00 exactly in a boat race but only got 4 gears).

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