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    Im still waiting for something like this. All that has to be done so that i am happy is:

    • the Bavarium Wingsuit has to be invisible (there is a mod for this, but it does not work)
    • it should be a combination of bav-wingsuit mods, like better steering, greater speed and infinite Ammo
    • It would be awesome if you could lock on to multiple (e.g. 3) Targets at once with the missiles, Iron Man Style
    • and of course, and i guess this is the hardest part, new skin textures. I dont think it would be THAT difficult to make Ricos clothing look like Iron man, but since he weares a t-shirt and his face is not covered, I guess that would look pretty funny. But maybe someone can create a model for that, combining several objects (like Hulk-mods in GTA), I dont know. If not, Tony stark without helmet wouldnt be that bad, either!!

    come on guys!! Dont leave me hanging. Am I the only one who dreams of this?

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