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    Is there any way to increase jets speed with Gibbed tools ? Cause I seemed to understand that you can extract the files from the binaries but you can’t compress them back again to work with the game?

    I’d really enjoy to fly over the map at 800 km/h 🙂
    I wonder in every game why jets are so slow…


    Parappa The Rappa

    if you have a file and unpack it with gibbed tools like if you convert property on a .bin file and edit the xml file then just put the xml back through the same thing you used to make the xml (ex. edit a .bin file by puting it in the convert property file then edit the xml then put it back in convert property



    Unfortunatly, the file I did extract from the archive 35 containing air vehicles informations gives me a .ee file which when I uncompress gives me a .unc file which I can’t do anything with…


    I believe it will be added in the next update to The JC3 modding tools. C’mon, gibbed. We’re waiting…..

    Joseph Walden

    It will be however you can edit the bin files with a hex editing program, Ill get right on the mod now 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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