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    The draw distance/ lod is really not high, at few meters textures become ugly (see screenshot : ).

    I tried to search the files if there was a way to change that and I just fell on a file comprising values for “PatchBaseLod” and “PatchLodRange” but despite a change in value to test, no change.

    So if someone to a little time to investigate whether there is a way to increase the draw distance/ lod that would be great.

    For example, here is a screenshot of The witcher 3 with the draw distance modify, one can see that the grass / vegetation goes a long way :

    Thank you for reading and sorry for my bad English .

    Mr. ZurkonMr. Zurkon

    Definitely this. I can run the game on maxed out graphics with no lag, so it bothers me that objects (ESPECIALLY the grass) draws at just a few feet away. This is especially terrible when you’re wingsuiting around and, skimming the surface, you can visibly see a line of grass being just rendered as you approach it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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