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    This will just be a simple how to for modding sky fortress. I will assume that you’ve downloaded and installed the last modified Gibbed’s tools.

    For most of the files, we don’t know their name but that doesn’t matter much. To create mods, you’ll have to unpack and (game2 is just a bunch of videos, sounds and animations).

    game0 contains all the .ee files (in __UNKNOWN/unknown) while game1 contains some ADF (like, task.onlinec, and some other) and RTPC files (__UNKNOWN/adf and __UNKNOWN/rtcp). I really recommend that you start unpacking (with SmallUnpack) all the files that are in game0_unpack/__UNKNOWN/unknown, it will be easier to search for some file. (.ee files are named .unknown)

    so now, if you search for the wingsuit search for “wgst“, if you search for a drone “drone“, for the rebel drop drone “rebel_drop“, …


    To test or create a mod, there’s two cases:

    • You know both the path and the name of the file. All you have to do is create all the subdirectories in dropzone_sky_fortress and copy the file
    • You don’t know the name or the path.
      • Create a __UNKNOWN folder in dropzone_sky_fortress
      • You can create any subdirectories in that folder, that won’t change anything. That way you can classify the files of you mod (look at my mods for sky fortress).
      • The file must have a name that respects the following scheme: [HASH].[extension], where [HASH] is the name of the original file and [extension] is an extension of your choice (that won’t change anything). ([HASH] may look like this E96D585E (the wingsuit) , CAD052EE (the rebel drop drone) or B723086E (the bavarium splitter)). Please note that only one dot is allowed in the name of the file.

    Then launch SkyFortressPacker.exe and run the game (do not forget to run SkyFortressPacker !!!)


    The packer will ignore any .xml file, but will pack everything else (so keep dropzone_sky_fortress clean to avoid any problem).


    If anybody wants to make a tutorial video for this, he can ! (and he should).

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