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    My card can’t reach the graphics requirements, but I can run Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (512MB VRAM) and Crysis (a notoriously hard game to run) on a 64MB VRAM Intel HD Graphics 3000 through my persistent tweaking, and I’ve got GTA V at 60 fps on 512MB VRAM Nvidia 8800GT when it says it needs 837MB VRAM in the interface. I refuse to ever give up and believe that if you take the easy way out and buy a new graphics card whenever you can’t run a game then you just aren’t trying hard enough.

    Questions/Other Info:

    • Is there a way to modify the graphics engine, graphics, or directX files to get what I want?
    • The hilariously evil thing is that my second shitty 64MB VRAM has Intel HD Graphics 4000 which supports DirectX11. I wonder if there’s some way to stream the DirectX11 capabilities.
    • I’ve tried the dxcpl.exe hack but the DirectX3D 11 warning still pops up on my screen.
    • dxdiag says I have DirectX11 for whatever reason, just to rub it in.
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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