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    So, as gorgeous as Medici is, it’s generally agreed that the variation of terrain in Panau was super fun.

    I imagine creating a mod to vary the terrain in JC3 would be fairly elaborate. But, I wonder if there’s a way to get relatively good results by just tweaking the variables of different assets. For example:

    • Increase/decrease the density of trees in some areas
    • Increase/decrease the density of boulders in some areas
    • Exchange grass for sand in some areas
    • Increase the size of areas covered in snow
    • Increase the likelihood of rain/fog

    Some more advanced tweaks could be:

    • Vary the color of trees (from Spring-green to Autumn-red)
    • Vary the color of sunlight (from day to day, the sun may appear warmer or colder)

    I don’t know the complexities of modding, so perhaps this is just too complex – but perhaps also, to an expert modder, this gives them an idea. 😉

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