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    I love this site, and I’ve been enjoying the mods created by this community for both JC2 and JC3.  Since the latest JC3 update on Steam, Not a single mod has worked for me.  If the dropzone folder is present, it loads the game with the glitch in the attached image.  Rico can still move, but the camera is fixed, and the map overpay will not disappear.  Bringing up the menu doesn’t help, as the transparent and unusable ghost map stays put as I interact with the menu.

    Particularly in the Infinite Beacons mod, there are comments saying the mod doesn’t work since the update, but no mention of this ghost map is made there or anywhere on the web.

    Reinstalling resulted in the same problem.  I’m at a loss.  Is there a solution?  I’m stuck with the +7 trainer, and I want to sample the awesome mods you guys are making!


    Thanks in advance

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    So if you have empty dropzone folder and you don’t have the trainer running, you still get that glitch?


    Alright, it appears the problem was fixed.  I believe the issue was, somehow, related to the launch commands I had inputted into steam.  I think I somehow entered them incorrectly, as they were shorter than they should have been when I went back to check.  All good now, and if I can just get past Shatterer of Worlds without a freeze and crash, all my problems are solved!  Just have to beat the game again to find out…



    Thread closed. I guess.

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