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    I just need a simple script to keep the game from seeing my attached game pad. I dont like the default configuration and since the game doesnt let you change it, I would like to use Xpadder to make my own profile.


    I edited the keymap.txt file and removed all the gamepad bindings. it doesnt remove the start and select/back bindings for some reason but its no big deal. Thanks FINDarkside for your help!


    A better solution is using x360ce. its worked wonders for me , since i can invert the right stick but keep my mouse normal..


    Um you can change the controls for the game by modding them. Let me know what you want the controls to be and I could do it for you.


    There’s a text file in [username]/documents/square enix/just cause 3 that contains your control settings, you can set them for whatever you wan’t from there. However I don’t understand how making the game not detect your controller would help anything.


    Ok I can check out editing it. It would be awesome if I can edit all the buttons to do nothing.


    Disabling controller detection allows me to use xpadder profiles instead. Xpadder treats the input device as a mouse and keyboard. So even if a game doesn’t have support for a controller I can play that game with one anyway.

    Most games have a way to toggle controllers on and off. this game and some others do not. If the controllers are not turned off in game then when I push the button on the controller both the xpadder function and the native control function will be sent.

    Last thing I want is to grapple and throw grenade at the same time.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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