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    This will be a list of all things unused content I have found in the games files.

    I also want either suggestions for things to look for or other things that people have found.


    • First of all there’s a large amount of debug vehicles that are pretty much the same but the tank is missing its bavarium shields.
    • A large military helicopter called debug boss helicopter. It dosent use the final golden model and if you try to enter it, it crashes the game. (I think its calling for a missing animation)


    • The Bloodhound. The wiki says its meant to be obtained via pre-order but I have not seen it so I assume it was for console peasants.
    • The Typhoon Gun. Its just the Jc2 air gun but with bigger range and more force. Its also missing any visible projectiles, no sound and an unfinished model.
    • The Stun Gun. Uses the same model as air strike fow gun but fires a blue laser and if held down makes and explosion that does no damage. Also creates massive weird particles and the reload bar goes blue and starts infinitely looping.
    • The DLC Test Gun. A bright pink shotgun with no sounds. Its also missing a reload function so you have to cheat to give it more ammo once its out.


    • A bunch of debug textures and models that I’m not going to list.
    • Bolo Santosi. (Includes working npc) The model for Bolo Santosi ripped directly from Jc2 is for some reason included in the list of main characters.

    Will add more if found.


    awesome work man! loving your mods so far

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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