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    Hey Guys. I saw some posts with questions on how to use Gibbed’s (Rick) Just Cause 3 Tools. I figured I would do a short video on how I created the Easter Egg Gun Mod so others can start finding ways to make some new cool mods. As most know the tools are still being worked on, so there is only so much we can do (or so much that I figured out), but I will create more videos as the tools get updated to make sure people have the chance to make their own mods.



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    Doesn’t work for me :'( . I’m trying to change

    <member name=”planted_engine_tuning”>
    <struct type=”PlantedEngineTuning”>
    <member name=”level_1_burn_time”>6</member>
    <member name=”level_1_velocity”>10</member>
    <member name=”level_1_pressure”>1000</member>
    <member name=”level_2_burn_time”>12</member>
    <member name=”level_2_velocity”>20</member>
    <member name=”level_2_pressure”>2500</member>

    But when ever i save it, convert property and then delete the xml and get the xml again it just reverts to its original.

    Any ideas?



    what file are you trying to modify?


    G:\Steam\steamapps\common\Just Cause 3\archives_win64\game2_unpack\editor\entities\jc_weapons\03_thrown\w401_explosives_c4\w401_explosives_c4.ee_unpack\editor\entities\jc_weapons\03_thrown\w401_explosives_c4


    Awesome tut, gave me a clear view on how to modify file. Im gonna try this out. Cheers

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