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    Was wanting to get back into Just Cause 3, and just reinstalled it… would have thought for sure that somebody by now would have made a classic Captain-America (not the movie-version) skin for Rico, but not finding it anywhere.  If anybody knows any alternate places to get it, input gladly accepted, or if anybody wants to make one, even more awesome!  (Perhaps short-sleeves, so where the white is on the arms in the picture, that’d be where you’d see the skin of Rico’s arms?  Or not… whichever you think looks best.)

    Just a suggestion. 😉

    This Captain America (or I guess, Hydra? LOL) -> 
    (Though, perhaps without the mask and keeping Rico’s head.)

    PS – If anybody wants to make a pro-Trump skin (like using the Trump slogan or MAGA or some such), that’d also be equally awesome! 🙂  [Also open to any patriotic/US-flag skins.]

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