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    Hey guys especially @neam 🙂

    I’ve found your skin mod ( Link: ), I was really impressed by the yellow one 🙂 but it bothers me a little that the light color of the “jetpack” is still in blue. Are your skills that good to change the color  of the Jetpack (usually the blue particle that appears)  and the weapon”Bavarium Splitter” (or what its called  like?!) as well?

    It looks a little weird if the skin has a different color than the usual  rockets which comes outside (sorry if my english isn’t the best 😀 )


    BTW I tried to mod the skintexture by myself but my Photoshop doesn’t allow the file even I already installed a plugin. I would really appreciate it, if you’re able to mod all I named above in this color: (ORANGE)


    P.S. secondary color (black) is already the one you’ve choosen at the yellow one, so that is not more work for you.


    Pleeeasee DO me that FAVOUR, it would match perfectly to my PS4-Controller LED 😀 ! Thank you and best regards again! 🙂


    I wanted to change that too, actually. You’ll need to edit some .effc files and do some complicated stuff, which we aren’t able to do right now, unfortunately. I recommend getting the black/blue version, as it looks better than the original, while still fitting in with the effects.



    I think that these files affect the boost color but we are not able to open these stupid .ban – files. :/ Google doesn’t help.

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    Jake Iadarola

    is it possible to remove the Bavarium Wingsuit so it looks like your flying? (with mods)  (Also, if it is possible to change the color of the Bavarium Wingsuit Boost, I would make it red)

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