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    Okay, a little disclaimer before I get started with this: I just read a post that explained the difficulties behind modding JC3 in particular, don’t try and hit me with “Oh, that’s not possible” or “Go home kid, you don’t know what you’re talking about”. I understand that this mod would be very challenging to take on. It would require a team of dedicated modders, and I wholeheartedly volunteer myself to be a part of that team.

    Anyways, as the title says, I’m picturing a new combat style for the game. Maybe with more tactical maneuvers, ducking behind cover, stealth, etc.

    So, why do I think this would be a good mod? Let’s face it, Rico is a bullet spongeIt’s all too easy to run around and cause a ruckus without worrying about getting shot, because you can take 50 bullets, hide behind a post and regen some health, rinse and repeat. Mainly, I’d like to up the difficulty of the game, and to complement the increased difficulty, add the ability to make tactical choices.

    What kind of tactical choices? The ability to crouch, sprint, take cover, shoot from cover, aim, and combat roll. If the game gets harder by raising the difficulty, it needs to also increase on the tactical side, so that the player has to slow down and plan out an attack.


    A final word, don’t get me wrong, I love wingsuiting over a base and dropping onto the biggest fuel sphere and blowing it to pieces, followed by shooting RPG’s at everything and everyone in sight. JC3 in it’s vanilla state is too easy to cause destruction, and I think some of the charm is lost. You don’t really have to work to blow up a base, because you don’t have to worry about getting shot. I think being able to sneak through a base, picking off enemies and blowing things up little by little would be a lot more satisfying. Of course that can be done with the vanilla version, but like I said before, it would be redundant, because the fear of death isn’t there.

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    YES, BROTHER!!! 😀

    My first thought when I pressed shift in the game: “Is my game broken?? why cant I sprint?”

    Everytime I play GTA V and get in gun-battles i think to myself: “what a wonderfull wo..” sorry, no; “JC3 could be so much better with this kind of gameplay”

    I love and adore JC3 for what it is, and i often disable all mods and dlcs just to have the “real” experience, where you have to use youre grappling hook for chain reaction, not just carpet-bomb an entire base. But this missing combat-feature bugged me since the beginning. please, get this post to the top and spread the word!!


    ps.: was the post about JC3-modding started by me? 😉

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