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    Smartass Noob

    Just Cause 2 has so many ridiculously up-armed “weaponized vehicle” mods, but now that we finally have a vehicle that needs a massive armament overhaul, there’s nobody to do it. Or if somebody has done it and I’ve somehow missed it, could you post a link?

    I’m talking of course about the Corvette. How come it has only 1 gun turret? Where’s the anti-ship missiles, the anti-aircraft missiles, the mounted MGs and all the rest of the perfectly realistic stuff that exists on real military ships? What I’m asking for is for someone to:

    *Permanently attach a SAM to the roof. It should still work automatically.
    *Put 2 miniguns (Urga Vulkan) on either side for a total of 4. These do not need to be controlled by the driver. The normal tripods would be fine.
    *Put the AA gun (Capstone FH155) on the rear deck. Also, the normal tripod is fine.
    *Give it some driver controllable missiles that are normally available on the delta-wing fighter (CS7 Thunderhawk).

    [GLEN] MoronicAcid

    Good idea, there is currently no incentive to using a Corvette over a CS Odjur or Bavarium Tank.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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