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Hey, Zenin – thanks very much for the thorough walkthrough. Not sure if you monitor this thread anymore, but I reached a roadblock and wondered if you knew the cause. I followed your steps very particularly (working on the desktop, flattening the .dds file and keeping the same file size), but at step 17, when I drag the .xml file onto Gibbed.JustCause3.ConvertTexture.exe, the program stops working and displays this in the command window/console: Unhandled Exception: System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array. at Gibbed.JustCause3.ConvertTexture.Importer.ReadDDSFile,String ddsFile, Int32 elementIndex, TextureFile texture, Byte[][] contents, Boolean have HMDDSCFile> at Gibbed.JustCause3.ConvertTexture.Importer.Import<String xmlFile, String outputBaseName> at Gibbed.JustCause3.ConvertTexture.Program.Main<String[] args> Any idea where I’m going wrong?

Solved! Just had to experiment with the DTX settings – from Photoshop it worked after saving the DDS with DTX1 and the Mipmap box selected.

My thanks to Malobi37 for his help.