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I have to complain about the requirement for logging in just to download mods to “increase forum activity” (per the twitter post). Mods should be freely available to the community, not locked behind giving email / steam info, and judging by the activity in the forums, it didn’t work (well, besides this post).

Keep it convenient, if we want to become more involved and engage with the community and the site or thank a modder for doing some great work, we will.

Edit: I actually did decide to go thank a modder for this mod, and clarify in the comments that people saying it “doesn’t work” may just not be using it correctly, but it turns out I can’t. This login only works for the forum (as far as I can tell), I have to actually make a second account on this “disqus” thing to be able to comment on a mod. What kind of service needs not just one, but multiple accounts? Even if I were motivated enough to create two accounts, are there more? Perhaps after five minutes of browsing there will be a third account to create, or a fourth…

I appreciate all the hard work that’s been put into making this site, and it looks wonderful, but these community features are awful and highly frustrating for users. I won’t be engaging with this community as a result.

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